Negative ion Product


In the current market, there are two common types air purifier applying different purifying technique, under-mentioned, which unavoidably lead to disadvantages as follows:   


Type 1 – purifier with technique of paper filtration


  1. Surely bring about costy consumption of numberless filter paper.

  2. Inadequate purification.

  3. Low frequency in changing filter paper makes a bad purifying performance.

  4. The used filter paper brings problem of second contamination.

  5. High electric fare.


Type 2 – purifier with technique of Ozone purification (Ozone produced by electric shocking)


  1. Sterilizing bacteria by means of Ozone, generated by electric shocking, will lead to waste numerous power.

  2. A constant maintenance to electric shocking device is necessary for fear of any accidental shocking.

  3. The front filter mesh must be cleaned from time to time preventing the big particles penetrating through the mesh.  

  4. Ozone can definitely destroy entire bacteria not only beneficial or harmful to human body that will inevitably make detritions of human immunity, and, the worse is, human is easier not only be infected by any virus, like SARS, MERS or COVID-19, and also likely get sick and even dizzy upon without Ozone protection.



Our company has innovated a state-of-the-art air purifying device applying patented Super Electrical Elements Flow (SEEF) technique

  1. No consumables required, like paper filter.

  2. Electricity saving (small type – 5W, big type – 27W).

  3. Effectively sterilizes bacteria 99% up.

  4. Effectively clear dust 99%t up.

  5. Able to decompose carbon dioxide 99% up. 

  6. Able to decompose PM2.5 and poisonous gas in the air, such as Formaldehyde, benzene, etc.

  7. The most important point is to generate high dense Negative Oxygen Ions.

  8. A prominent affection in de-odor. 

  9. Totally no Ozone generated.


Introduction for Car Used Air Purifier S-02 (also suitable for small space)

  1. Functions:  

  1. Effectively sterilizes bacteria 99% up.

  2. Effectively and significantly eliminates any kind of odor in the car. 

  3. Capable of decomposing PM2.5 and poisonous gas like Formaldehyde, benzene, etc.

  4. Producing high dense small molecule hydrogen and oxygen negative ions.

  5. Eliminating PM2.5.

  6. High dense hydrogen and oxygen negative ions matches with the positive electric potential in human body for activating cell to increase human immunity.

  7. Neutralizing positive static electricity.


  1. Features

  1. Superior electricity saving, the electricity consumption for this purifier is merely 1/10 in comparison of other brands.

  2. No Ozone generated.

  3. No any consumables needed.

  4. Without 2nd contamination.

  5. Remarkable capability of long operation.