Founded since 1980, Gaya R&D team are with specialties in developing lighting tech for stage, high altitude, and LED screen walls... etc. Till registered at 2004, Gaya company has accumulated abundant and validated experiences which proofed the practicability that Gaya has developed.
As the research result being announced in 2006, Gaya stationed at Southern Taiwan Innovation & Research Part, MOEA, continuing R&D for advanced optoelectionice technology. With fruitful result, Gaya has efficiently integrate different techs in different fields and successfully developed products such as stage lighting, A.C./D.C. electrical ballast, indoor/ outdoor super fluorescent lamp, ceramic metal halide lamp, secondary optical nano reflecting system, LED Lamps and etc. For Human-powered generation, Gaya also successfully developed bi-functional bike generator which can be applied both for fitness and electricity generator with efficacy comparable to internal standards. Meanwhile, Gaya also owns the patents of TW/China/US in techs such as lamp tube with high efficacy, DC transformer system, bike generator...etc. The potential market needs and potency to replace the traditional, harmful lighting tools such as high pressure mercury lamp, halogen lamp, sodium lamp could be foreseen in coming future.
Maya’s vision is to adopt our specialty in optoelectronic tech to provide dedicated lighting products to meet the requirements of energy and carbon reduction across countries to bring wellness and health for human as well as the economical development of country.



Contracting business in recent years

Taipei City Library (Datong Branch)

Taoyuan City Taoyuan Special Education School

Young man glasses


7-11 energy-saving system connection construction

Xinyi Technology Co., Ltd.

8 branches in Wangbei District, Hamburg

Shenghengchang Co., Ltd. Civil Rights Store

Taipei City Government Parking Lot Project

High-tech Bureau Snow Mountain Tunnel and Highway Street Light Planning

Dahe Foundation Engineering

Taiwan Sugar Evergreen Hotel

Brother and wife hotel

Fu Jing Industrial

Datongyi Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Dongte

Shengyuan Mould

Youju Industry

Full male screw

Changxing screw

Tainan City Hospital

Tainan City Annan Hospital

Casting industry

Lunjin Industry

Liuying Guozhong

In Germany

Cheng University Court

German steel enterprise

Love Hotel

Lin's Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Chen Li Education

Yuanjin Engineering Enterprise